Bitrix24 Packages

Packages for Bitrix24

These Packages get your Bitrix24 Modules off the ground and include consultation, implementation and training.


The Marketing Package includes the configuration of email marketing campaigns, segmentation of prospects, retargeting and blacklists setting up.


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Bitrix24 crm

The CRM Package includes the implementation of your leads and deals pipelines, adding of stages, custom fields and automation rules to streamline your sales.


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The Operations Package includes the implementation of a Smart Process Automation to manage your processes and linking them to other entities in the CRM.


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Bitrix24 Project Management

The Projects Package includes the setting up of your task templates, workgroups, their roles and permissions.


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The HR Package includes the setting up of your company structure, working times and the configuration of absence management chart.


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Bitrix24 integration package

The Integration Package includes setting up a bespoke integration between Bitrix24 and any other platform that you use to streamline your processes.


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The Reporting Package includes the creation of analytical reports based on your data within your Bitrix24 account.


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