Bitrix24 Applications & Widgets

Applications for Bitrix24

High specification and full featured plug-ins, widgets and applications custom made for Bitrix24

Engage with customers on their preferred channel of communication with Bitrix24 CRM integration and intelligent message routing.


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Twilio flex double screen

Multi channel call centre solution including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and voice, intelligent routing, automated chatbots and detailed reporting.


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View Leads and Deals on a map with pin location indicators, pop up tabs and slide in records.


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Our CDP module integrates with all your marketing data sources and uses machine learning to spot trends, identify opportunities and create automated actions.


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Automated chatbot integration which can be programmed to handle sales or support and integrate with multiple communication channels.


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Integration of SendGrid’s email marketing platform with Bitrix24. Industry leading deliverability rates of 96%.


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Manage requests and approvals for common sales, project and HR processes on the mobile app.


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Configure your self hosted instance of Bitrix24 to send notification and marketing emails from a dedicated domain.


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Bespoke hosting environment for Bitrix24 On-Premise editions which provides optimum performance and advanced configuration.


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For Bitrix24 Enterprise customers this solution makes it possible to create full separation in the CRM allowing the creation of a separate CRM for each division.


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Tasks and document management, time recording, billing and chat and email communication for professional services businesses.


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Bitrix24 Sign

Create documents and send them to your counterparty for electronic signature in a few clicks with Bitrix24 Sign.


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