Products: Omnie

One App for all your channels

Advanced telephony, multi channel messaging, intelligent task routing and AI chatbot solutions with CRM integration


High-quality phone solution integrated into your contact database allowing calling directly from the CRM and saving of conversations into the related record.


Handle high volume calls with automated chatbots, handoff to agents as required, intelligently route calls to the right team, warm transfer to colleagues and monitor call activity in depth for advanced customer service or performance monitoring.



Multi channel communication with agent operators or fully automated chatbots. Intelligent routing to the most suitable team and integration with your choice of external communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS.

Automatic synchronisation of conversation to existing contact records or creation of new leads in the CRM.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing

Intelligently route any type of interaction, whether it’s a voice call, chat or message. Match incoming requests automatically with the skills of your team to close sales and resolve issues faster. 


Quickly design your workflow using drag and drop tools. View the performance of your entire team, track adherence to KPI’s and implement changes to stay on target and within SLA terms.

Ai Chatbots

AI Chatbots

Build conversational chatbots that work on multiple channels including chat forms, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook. Speech recognition and natural language engines interpret the user’s intent and sentiment for accurate problem solving. 


Integrate with your CRM or finance system to automatically deliver contextually relevant information, handoff conversations from bots to agents seamlessly and store the entire interaction against the relevant CRM record.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

View customer contact information, order or case history alongside the live call or message providing sales teams with relevant customer information. Store new events including phone calls, messages and orders against the relevant contact or company record. 


Omnie integrates with Bitrix24 and allowing you to access calls and messages in one system.