Bitrix24 for HR: Best Solutions and Plugins

BI Builder in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 for HR: Best Solutions and Plugins

BI Builder in Bitrix24

Knowing where to find the right resources can save you time and enhance your Bitrix24 experience. In this article, we’ll guide you through various support channels available for Bitrix24 users 🤗


What is Bitrix24?

It’s a collaboration suite of over 35 different tools, ranging from communication tools like internal chats or voice calls to a fully functioning CRM that comes with automation rules and business processes. Bitrix24 is an ever-growing software with over 12 million customers worldwide.

Elevate Your HR Management with Bitrix24 and Intreface’s HR Solutions:

HR professionals are looking to streamline their operations and enhance their productivity. Bitrix24, in collaboration with Intreface’s tailored Bitrix24 solutions for HRs, presents a compelling toolkit designed to transform complex HR processes into smooth and automated workflows.

Bitrix24 is equipped with an impressive array of more than 35 HR management tools, offering a functionality that can significantly boost HR efficiency. This suite includes an interactive intranet, online employee directories, company social networks, time tracking and absence management systems—essentially packing an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) into one versatile platform. Additionally, features like document management, request approvals and bookings system further underscore Bitrix24’s utility, making it a valuable asset for modern HR departments.

Tailored Solutions by Intreface for Recruitment and Onboarding:

At Intreface we have customised Bitrix24 to enhance these key HR functions:

1. Complete Recruitment Cycle;

2. Roles and Permissions Management;

3. Interviews Process and Onboarding;

4. Absence Management;

To reach it we have developed the specialised Plugin for Absence Management and Solution for Recruitment Agencies:

🌟 Bitrix24 for HR Absence Management:

This plugin enhances Bitrix24’s absence management tools, automating leave entitlement allocation and control of leave requests based on users’ remaining leave days. It allows users to view their leave balance in their profile and manage their bookings, streamlining the absence management process within Bitrix24.

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🌟 Bitrix24 for Recruitment Agencies:

Tailored for the unique needs of recruitment agencies, this solution covers the complete recruitment and onboarding process. It facilitates role management, candidate tracking, the interview process and onboarding, with integrations with job boards and process automation for increased efficiencies.

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