Bitrix24 Case Study: Sidewalk Labs

Bitrix24 Case Study Sidewalk labs

Sidewalk Labs, New York

Contact Management

Sidewalk Labs is Alphabet Inc.’s urban innovation organization. Its goal is to improve urban infrastructure through technological solutions and tackle issues such as cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage.

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With operations around the world and expanding sales teams, Sidewalk Labs needed to understand each other’s connections with customers and prospects. In addition, easily discover if other colleagues have connections with key contacts.



We developed a seamless contact management platform built on the Bitrix24 CRM. This syncs all users address book contacts into Bitrix24 CRM Contacts. Whilst also allowing users to search for contacts from colleagues address books.


  • Authorisation – Using the Google OAuth we directed users to grant access to the Google Contact API. After authorisation is complete, syncing of contacts were enabled. This included data such as name, email, organisation and phone were enabled.


  • Data Sync – We scheduled a one way sync of data running once an hour with controls for duplicates using the email address as the primary key. Existing records would merge and an additive methodology means the latest information is displayed. We worked hard to develop controls for data conflicts arising from multiple accounts presenting differing data.


  • User Interface – Using the Bitrix24 CRM contact module, we created a contacts record format which is searchable using multiple fields and viewable in lists and full page records.