Bitrix24 Case Study: Shorts Lifts

Shorts Lifts, UK

Automation & Workflows

Established in 1945, Shorts Lifts is a leading player in the lift industry. They provide new lift packages, components, and spare parts to top lift companies in the UK and Ireland. Their strong partnerships with lift manufacturers allow them to offer customized solutions and deliver exceptional service to lift professionals.

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Shorts Lifts were looking for several improvements to their business operations:


  1. Managing the Sales Process: Shorts Lifts needed an efficient way to handle the entire sales process, from initiation to completion. They required auditable approval steps for projects and cases, along with an effective follow-up system.
  2. Complaints Handling: They sought a streamlined solution to manage and address complaints effectively, ensuring better customer satisfaction.
  3. Contract Management and Storage: They needed a reliable platform to upload, store, and manage critical contracts and associated paperwork.
  4. Integrating with Sage: As an existing Sage user, Shorts Lifts desired a system that seamlessly integrated with their Sage software. They required a two-way sync to centralise their customer sales process and enable smooth data transfer between Bitrix24 and Sage.




With Intreface’s support, Shorts Lifts found the ideal solution in Bitrix24, which successfully addressed their challenges:


  1. Streamlined Sales Process: With customizable pipelines in Bitrix24 CRM, Shorts Lifts efficiently managed their sales workflow. The platform’s automation and tasks feature enhanced productivity, allowing the company to follow up on opportunities and improve overall sales performance.
  2. Smart Automation Process for Complaints: Interface implemented a dedicated Smart Automation Process within Bitrix24 to handle complaints efficiently.
  3. Document Management: Bitrix24’s document generator function simplified the creation and management of essential paperwork, leading to better organization and improved accessibility of critical information.
  4. Integration with Sage: Interface are currently in the process of implementing a two-way sync between Bitrix24 and Sage. This integration will centralise Shorts Lifts’ customer sales process, where users will be able to generate quotes, invoices, and orders directly from Bitrix24 into Sage, eliminating manual data transfers and reducing the risk of errors.