Bitrix24 Case Study: Incus Group

Incus Bitrix24 Case Study

Incus Group, Saint Kitts & Nevis

Call Centre Solution

Incus has a team of Virtual Receptionists who are dedicated in offering quality services, that couples integrity and customer focus. Within these two core values/themes, the Incus team are united in their group values of success, collaboration, integrity and customer focus.

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Incus provide their customers with services such as call handling, live chat, business support, outbound campaigns and appointment setting and therefore required a customised Telephony system which could handle the tracking of all incoming and outgoing calls whilst enabling them to view available call handlers and analyse their call centre statistics.



Intreface teamed up with Inform Unity to create a free PBX instance which provided Incus with the functionality to manage their high volume of customers on a daily basis. Incus now have a custom dashboard which provides live data and statistics on both their call handlers themselves and the calls that they are managing.  Ongoing support and testing from Intreface ensures that this functionality provides both practicality and reliability for Incus and that issues can be dealt with quickly and without delay, meaning that their customers enjoy a seamless and premium experience.