Bitrix24 Case Study: Eclipse Energy



Eclipse Energy is a leading specialist in energy-efficient homes, offering comprehensive solutions across four key sectors. Eclipse Energy excels in renewables, enabling homeowners to generate power independently with Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Battery Storage, and Commercial Solar. Their expertise in heating includes high-performance boilers, smart thermostats, and funding options in the Halifax and Yorkshire area. Additionally, they provide cost-effective insulation solutions such as Conservatory and Home Insulation, delivering substantial energy savings.

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Eclipse Energy faced a significant challenge in managing multiple energy-saving solutions effectively. They recognised the need for a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that could efficiently track the entire customer sales journey, starting from the initial inquiry to the installation process and final payment.




To address this issue, Eclipse Energy implemented a tailored CRM solution with a range of essential features. Firstly, they established separate deal pipelines for each energy-saving solution they offered, ensuring a streamlined and organised approach. Each pipeline was customised to accommodate specific stages associated with different solutions.

To enhance visibility and decision-making, the CRM provided a Kanban View for each pipeline, allowing the team to visually track the progress of each deal and identify which stage it was at in the sales process.

Furthermore, Eclipse Energy utilised automation and business processes within the CRM, optimising efficiency and reducing manual tasks. This automation not only saved time but also ensured consistency in handling customer interactions and deal progression.
By implementing this comprehensive CRM solution, Eclipse Energy efficiently managed their diverse energy-saving solutions, providing a seamless experience to customers from the initial contact to the successful installation and final payment.