Bitrix24 Case Study: CDUK



CDUK is a leading supplier of surface materials and complementary products in the UK and Ireland. With over 40 years of experience, CDUK supports their customers as design partners, providing expert advice, technical knowledge, and a diverse range of products from leading brands. They offer services such as technical advice, sampling, and bespoke training courses for designers, manufacturers, and fabricators.

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CDUK faced several challenges that led them to seek a solution in Bitrix24. The sales process at CDUK involved multiple external parties, as well as CDUK’s internal sales team. Managing interactions among these different parties was complex, time-consuming and open to errors. They needed to streamline and simplify the sales process by managing relationships with all parties, handling sample requests, following up on these requests, and gathering and assigning quotes.

They also needed a way to effectively communicate with different parties and streamline customer interactions. With this, each party required different access permissions to interact with the system.

As they were migrating from another CRM, they also needed the solution to be quick, simple and easy to use to gain ‘Buy in’ from other parties and the internal team.




Bitrix24 provides CDUK with an effective solution to their challenges. The platform streamlines communication and interactions with all parties. It offers flexible access permissions and simplifies the management of relationships, sample requests, and quotes. Bitrix24’s user-friendly interface ensured a smooth transition from their previous CRM system, gaining buy-in from all parties involved. Overall, Bitrix24 improves collaboration, reduces errors, and enhances sales efficiency for CDUK.