Bitrix24 Case Study: British Polio


Charity CRM Management Solution

The British Polio Fellowship is a charitable organisation with a mission to support and empower individuals in the UK living with the late effects of polio and post-polio syndrome (PPS). They offer vital information, welfare, and support to those affected, enabling them to lead full, independent lives. Additionally, the organisation actively campaigns to raise awareness of PPS. With over 2,000 members across the UK, 50 branches, and dedicated support services, they play a crucial role in assisting polio survivors.

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The British Polio Fellowship faced several challenges in managing their operations:


  • Contact Database: The organisation required a comprehensive contact database to efficiently import and manage all of their existing contacts, including documenting communications such as emails and marketing interactions.
  • Membership Tracking: They needed a way to track membership subscriptions and renewals for every member systematically.
  • Grant Management: It was essential to track the grants awarded to members, including the ability to store detailed information about each grant.
  • General Enquiries: The organisation sought a system to manage and respond to general inquiries received through their website effectively.
  • Branch Communication: They wanted to create a secure and collaborative platform where branch members could communicate and share knowledge.
  • They did not have a dynamic way of reporting and so required a system which would always have this information readily available.




Intreface partnered with The British Polio Fellowship to provide a holistic solution that addressed their diverse needs:


Contact Database:

  • Intreface established a comprehensive contact database. In which existing contacts were imported into the system. Custom fields were created to segment and report on contact data.
  • Email communications were integrated by connecting the mailbox to sync messages to the contact record, the contact record also provided an area for documenting notes and activities.
  • The Marketing module enabled the British Polio Fellowship to create targeted marketing campaigns sent to specific contact segments with the training and support of Intreface.


Membership & Grant Tracking:

  • Three distinct pipelines were implemented in the CRM to track memberships. Each pipeline is tailored with bespoke stages.
  • A grant entity was created within the contact records in the CRM, including bespoke stages to monitor grant progress, with the ability to store all grant-related details.


Branch Communication Portal:

  • Private portals were established within Bitrix24 to invite branch members as external users.
  • These portals allow members to collaborate by posting messages, engaging in instant chat, storing documents, and managing tasks in a secure and user-friendly environment.


Intreface’s partnership with The British Polio Fellowship resulted in a comprehensive system that not only efficiently recorded and managed communications but also provided solutions for membership and grant tracking, as well as enhancing branch-level communication and collaboration. This streamlined system greatly improved the organisation’s operations and support capabilities, ultimately advancing their mission to aid individuals living with the late effects of polio and PPS.