Bitrix24 Case Study: Arnsbo Group

Arnsbo Bitrix24 Case Study

Arnsbo Group, Aarhus

Marketing & Communication System

Arnsbo Group develop scalable and automised marketing tools and communication services for the future. Arnsbo Group base their solutions on people rather than technology, focusing on personalisation and customer engagement. By doing that they create innovative growth companies.

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Arnsbo Group needed a CRM which enabled separation for their six companies, enabling the companies to operate independently whilst maintaining their Arnsbo Group status. The standard functionality of Bitrix24 did not provide the possibility of CRM separation for example for fields and user roles. This was important to Arnsbo Group as although the six companies are part of one group, they needed independence in terms of the CRM setup and customisation.



Intreface have built a custom Field Manager Solutions plugin specifically for Arnsbo Group which they are now using to create the CRM separation which is vital for their companies. Furthermore, Intreface have created subdomains for each of the companies meaning that each companies privacy is maintained under one group. Arnsbo Group primarily use the Bitrix24 CRM, Documents, Reporting, Tasks and Projects as well as a variety of customisations built by Intreface to ensure that their businesses continue to operate seamlessly around the globe.