Bitrix24: Self Hosted Advantages

Bitrix24: Self Hosted Advantages

Learn about Bitrix24’s Self Hosted and Private Cloud solutions, offering advanced functionality, customization, and integration. Check if this solution suits for your business and discover how Bitrix24 can meet your specific needs.

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What is Bitrix24?

It’s a collaboration suite of over 35 different tools, ranging from communication tools like internal chats or voice calls to a fully functioning CRM that comes with automation rules and business processes. Bitrix24 is an ever-growing software with over 12 million customers worldwide.

What is the difference between Bitrix24 cloud and self-hosted editions?

Bitrix24 offers two solutions: a cloud product and a self-hosted solution.
In this article, we will focus on the self-hosted version and its features. The cloud version starts at $49 per month, while the on-premise system requires a one-time license fee of $2990 for the lowest user license version. In the second year, the license renewal is just 25% of that amount.
  • The self-hosted solution has different editions, starting with the Bitrix24 Business Solution, which has a user license of 50 users. The Business solution also includes Business 100, Business 250, and Business 500, depending on your user count inside Bitrix24. The Business Edition has all the features of the cloud version, including the Extranet, help desk, and e-learning module.
  • Another edition of Bitrix24 is the self-hosted Enterprise, which comes with a user license of Enterprise 1000 or Enterprise 5000, allowing up to 1,000 or 5,000 users, respectively. The Enterprise solution allows you to have multiple divisions of Bitrix24, meaning you can have Bitrix24 on different domains and users can access those sites separately.


What are the advantages of On-Premise Bitrix24?

Now, let’s explore the benefits of the self-hosted system.

    The self-hosted solution is fully customizable since you have access to the source code. This flexibility is particularly useful when you need to customize Bitrix24 according to your needs.
    Moreover, the self-hosted system offers flexibility in integrating with other platforms. You can add your own PHP code within the business process tool, making integration more flexible and achievable on the self-hosted system.
    The self-hosted system provides flexibility in storing your data in a place of your choice, whether it’s a physical server in your office or a virtual machine like AWS or Google Cloud. One of the key benefits of the self-hosting system is that you have full access to the data stored in your Bitrix24 system.

Bitrix24 On-Premise Advantage №1 – Customisation

The self-hosted version provides access to the source code, making it easy to customize Bitrix24 according to your needs. This flexibility allows you to incorporate functionalities from other systems. Additionally, you can customize the navigation to suit your needs.

Bitrix24 On-Premise Advantage №2 – Integrations

We can have custom portals in both the cloud and self-hosted systems. However, the self-hosted system allows a bit more customisation of your Extranet.

Additionally, the self-hosted system offers the capability to create custom modules. For our clients, Intreface has developed various modules, such as an absence management tool for HRs that tracks vacation allowance and leave requests of employees. These custom modules enhance Bitrix24 and highlight the flexibility and capabilities of the On-Premise Edition.

Bitrix24 On-Premise Advantage №3 – Extra Features

The self-hosted version has all the features that the cloud system has, plus it has more. The self-hosted has a built-in help desk, e-learning, analytics, and custom modules. The self-hosted version is more flexible when it comes to integrations. It can be connected to various platforms and applications through the full REST API. Customized integrations and web hooks are also possible with the self-hosted system, providing greater flexibility compared to the cloud version.
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Overall, the self-hosted solution provides comparable features to the cloud version with added flexibility, customization options, and integrations. The ongoing costs include license renewals and hosting fees, making it a competitive choice for businesses seeking more control and customisation options.