Bitrix24 Slots: Create meetings with clients

Bitrix24 Slots: Create meetings with clients

Introducing the Open Slots Feature in Bitrix24 Calendars! Discover a convenient way to find the perfect meeting time with individuals outside your organisation.

Watch the tutorial – Bitrix24: Open Slots in Calendars

What is Bitrix24?

It’s a collaboration suite of over 35 different tools, ranging from communication tools like internal chats or voice calls to a fully functioning CRM that comes with automation rules and business processes. Bitrix24 is an ever-growing software with over 12 million customers worldwide.

Bitrix24 Open Slots Feature:

Open Slot feature is the scheduling solution means that you can share your calendar link and let participants choose from open time slots, adding it directly to their calendar. You can launch meetings from the calendar and receive reminders and notes in your Bitrix24 CRM.

Go to your calendar in Bitrix24 and then to open slots option. You can copy this link and share it with a client or colleague. Check what exactly a contact will see by opening the link. Click the link or scan the QR code with your mobile camera in “What will my contacts see?” section.

When you’d send the link to your client or colleague, they will receive the invitation, where they can select a time slot, choose the time that’s available, add some details and confirm the meeting schedule details. You will be notified in Bitrix24 as someone books a free slot with you.