Bitrix24 CRM: Track activities history

Bitrix24 CRM: Track activities history

Introducing the CRM History in Bitrix24! Discover a guide on how to access the full CRM history in Bitrix24, which contains detailed information about interactions with CRM entities. 

Watch the tutorial – Bitrix24: CRM History

What is Bitrix24?

It’s a collaboration suite of over 35 different tools, ranging from communication tools like internal chats or voice calls to a fully functioning CRM that comes with automation rules and business processes. Bitrix24 is an ever-growing software with over 12 million customers worldwide.

Bitrix24 CRM History Feature:

CRM history contains the detailed information about employees’ actions with CRM entities. For example, if an employee accidentally deletes a contact from a deal and doesn’t remember the client’s name, he or she can look it up in the history and add the contact again.

So, you can find it in the CRM if you go to “more” at your CRM home screen, down to “history”, and it brings the full CRM history up. You can also use the filter if you want to find changes for a specific entity or for a specific day. And there are also some preset filters here. You can delete items from the CRM history, but it won’t actually delete it from the CRM. Let’s say you deleted a record that you changed the Amount field in a deal, if you delete the record about it, it won’t undo the change in amount.