Bitrix24 CoPilot: How to use Bitrix24 AI assistant

Bitrix24 CoPilot

Bitrix24 CoPilot: How to use Bitrix24 AI assistant

Bitrix24 CoPilot

As part of the Bitrix24 Vega release, Bitrix24 has introduced CoPilot, which is now integrated into Feed, Tasks, CRM, and Updated Bitrix24 Chat. This AI assistant is designed to save your valuable time and allow you to focus on more critical matters.

The best part is that you don’t need to learn how to write specific prompts to use CoPilot effectively. Bitrix24 provides pre-prompts that guide you! 🤖🌟

Watch the demo –  Bitrix24 CoPilot

What is Bitrix24?

It’s a collaboration suite of over 35 different tools, ranging from communication tools like internal chats or voice calls to a fully functioning CRM that comes with automation rules and business processes. Bitrix24 is an ever-growing software with over 12 million customers worldwide.

Bitrix24 CoPilot in Feed:

Working with CoPilot in Feed is easier than you think. Find the CoPilot icon under your text, post or comment in Bitrix24 Feed. All text features of CoPilot can be divided into next categories:

  • Anazyze Text
  • Modify Text
  • Change Tone of Text
  • Create Text

Every Category has a wide number of prompts. Check this brief explanation of each text feature of Bitrix24 CoPilot:

– Explain Text: Provides explanations and clarifications for your text passages.
– Summarize Text: Condenses lengthy texts into shorter summaries.
– Highlight Pros and Cons: Identifies and emphasizes the positive and negative aspects of a given text.

– Continue Text: Generates additional content to extend a given text.
– Correct Text: Fixes grammatical errors and improves the text’s accuracy.
– Improve Text: Check the overall quality and readability of the text.
– Simplify Text: Simplifies complex text to make it more understandable.
– Add Emoji: Inserts appropriate emojis to convey emotions or emphasis.
– Suggest Ideas: Offers creative suggestions and ideas to improve or expand the text.
– Make Text Shorter: Condenses text to make it more concise.
– Make Text Longer: Expands and elaborates on the text.
– Convert Text to List: Restructures text into a list format for better organization.
– Create a Table of Contents for this Text: Generates a table of contents based on the text’s content.
– Translate: Translates text from one language to another.

– Make Tone of Text More Polite: Adjusts the language to be more courteous and polite.
– Make Tone of Text More Formal: Transforms the text into a more formal style.

– Write a Post: Generates content suitable for social media or blog posts.
– Write Holiday Greetings: Composes holiday greeting messages.
– Write a Piece of News: Creates news articles or updates.
– Write a Press Release: Generates press releases for announcements.
– Write an Article: Produces longer, informative articles.
– Write a Job Opening Description: Creates job descriptions for recruitment purposes.

You can always use CoPilot after you have published your post or news in the Feed. Just click on CoPilot Icon which now is appeared near Like and Comment.

Bitrix24 CoPilot Screen
Bitrix24 CoPilot in Feed

Bitrix24 CoPilot in CRM:

CoPilot has lots of useful features in Bitrix24 CRM. It can help you to:

  • Transcribe calls or make summary of your calls in your Leads and Deals;
  • Automatically Complete Fields in CRM Entity Form ( Note! CoPilot only works with string, number, and integer field types.)

Transcribe Call Recordings 🔍
CoPilot can transcribe recorded phone calls. The AI Assistant can do it automatically, you just need to open the transcript text and quickly find the needed information.

Create a Call Summary 📞
CoPilot generates a concise summary of all your phone conversation, so you can see some basic details and get ready for the next call.

Automatically Complete Fields 📊
Bitrix24 CoPilot can automatically populate fields within the CRM entity form using data gathered from phone calls. This automation ensures that your CRM database remains up-to-date and accurate without manual data entry efforts.

bitrix24 copilot in CRM
bitrix24 copilot in CRM

Bitrix24 CoPilot in Tasks:

Here’s how CoPilot supercharges your task management process:

  • CoPilot can accurately write a task descriptions;
  • It generates checklists, eliminating the need for manual distribution of assignments;
  • CoPilot can analyze all participant tasks and suggests responses;

📋 Add a Task:
Open the Task Tab and click the CoPilot button and enter your prompt. Provide basic task information, and let CoPilot add more details and steps.

📃 Manage the Task and create a Checklist with CoPilot:
Take advantage of pre-prompts for CoPilot, grouped into categories like improving task descriptions, analyzing text, and offering encouraging words. One of the features is Checklist creation. By choosing this option Bitrix24 CoPilot will create a checklist from your task description. No manual distribution required—just provide essential details, and CoPilot does the rest.

💬 Comment on a Task with CoPilot:
Click CoPilot icon under the task and let your AI Assistant create the comment for you. You can:

  • Compliment the author
  • Provide constructive criticism
  • Agree with the author
  • Politely disagree with the author
  • Thank the author for information
  • Tell the author that we’re working on it

Bitrix24 CoPilot in Chat:

Open the updated Bitrix24 chat, choose CoPilot icon and to begin a new chat, simply click the “+” button or ask AI Assistant a question.

📝 Enter your question, and you have the option to manually change the chat name or let it update automatically based on your question. CoPilot even understands voice messages—just click the microphone icon to ask a question using your voice.

📚 CoPilot keeps a record of your chat history and retains the context of each conversation. You can revisit previous chats you initiated to continue the discussion. Note: CoPilot maintains a context limit of 50 messages. If this limit is exceeded, it will retain the context of the most recent 50 messages for your convenience.